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Readymade playlists powered by Epidemic Sound for your store, your restaurant, your hairdresser and more. Just press play!

Made by professionals, for professionals.
With years of experience our team of music designers compose the ultimate mixture of playlists to suit all types of moods and feels for all businesses.
Easy to sign up, no hidden fees.
No tricky fees to unknown legal rights organizations. One fee only that covers all and delivers great music in already made playlists for your business.
Music from new artists by Epidemic Sound.
With GetMusicAt you access a whole new music catalogue with our most interesting artists in all types of genres from all over the world.
Easy Acoustic
A chill mix of acoustics.
Fika Music
Cozy and warm, pretty much like that coffee.
Brooklyn Morning
Soulful R&B that that gets your heart rate with the right beat.
Coffee Time
Take a break and enjoy sweet tunes.
Chill Out
Unwind to a fresh mix of soft modern lounge music.
Follow the Beat
Upbeat and happy! Stay true to the beats but hear the rythm of disco coming through.
Funk it Up!
Let's get funky. The ultimate partystarter!
For inner peace and harmony.
Let's get Acoustic!
Happy, acoustic pop for everyone!
Let's Pop
The hits of tomorrow.
Mellow Lounge
How about soft, subtle & timeless? That's lounge music at its finest!
Oh my Pop!
Tunes that get your legs moving.
Oh so Fashion
Modern sound with a lot of attitude and tempo!
Chilled beats for a laidback moment.
Smooth & Groovy
A feel-good and soulful selection.
Soft Pop
Easy songs that make you feel good.
Stylish Fashion
For the ones keeping up with trends.
Upbeat Lounge
That metropolitan night vibe.
Let's Go
Raise your heartbeat and get in the right mode, let's go!
Acoustic Vibes
The perfect mash up from the world of acoustics.
Day-to-Day Lounge
Soundtrack of a chic hotel or that fancy restaurant down town.

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Why GetMusicAt

Designed background music will make your customers stay longer. Studies have repeatedly proven that not just music, but the right music can increase sales for your business with up to 30%. With GetMusicAt you can be sure that all the music you play is 100% legal with any device.

We have joined Swedens top music designers with artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring you the best of the best. With extensive experience from the world of music, we have created a service that we’re very proud of. Happy customers and long term relationships are two ingredients we value extremely high. We’re convinced that it’s the same recipe that will make our relationship with you successful.

Below you will find a selection of customers that we served with both music and tech for years.!

One fee only that brings you total access to our entire catalogue with music from Epidemic Sound. Enjoy our ready made sounds and playlists. No hidden fees, only great music! Start playing music today - no credit card required.

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